Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cade Turns EIGHT

My sweet Cade is 8 today! I know I say this every year, but it just doesn't seem possible.

This year for his birthday we decided to take him to Blues Angel Music in Pensacola so that he could see the fish tank that was featured on the TV show Tanked, his favorite show. It was such a fun day. The fish tank was exciting, but he also got sucked into the coolness of the music store. He has mentioned a few times that he would like to learn to play the guitar. While we were in the store he was introduced to the ukulele and decided that that would be the instrument he wanted to learn. It was kind of spur of the moment (if you know my husband, he doesn't usually make purchases that haven't been well thought out), but we gave him the option of getting the ukulele or the other gift he had been asking for. He chose the ukulele.

Cade also wanted to eat at PF Chang's, so we drove the extra miles to Destin, FL. It was his birthday!

We are having a family dinner tonight and then 3 of his friends are going to spend the night. I have done big parties for him in the past, but the smaller ones always seem to be more fun for everyone.

Happy Birthday Cade! We love you!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I LOVE watching my boys play together. They have the best imagination and come up with some pretty cool things to do.

The other day they were outside playing and asked me to come outside to "watch them race". The stroller was the race car and Cade was the driver. He pushed Henry around and around our drive way.

And then they loaded up and traveled to the next race. Do you think they have watched CARS much? Sweet Summer time!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer Fun

Summer is finally here! I am so happy that it is time put up the school books for a few months and just have fun. This is the first Summer that we haven't had to deal with swim diapers. Do you know how much easier that makes going swimming?

We have made one trip to one of the Florida State parks for a little swimming. This place holds lots of childhood memories for me. I'm pretty sure we went here at least once a week during the Summer.

We don't have any big plans or vacations planned for this Summer, but I do plan to enjoy these two boys and make some fun memories. I think we need to make a list of all of the things we want to do so that we make sure we fit it all in.

And here is the photo dump from our first Summer outing.

Does anyone else plan to stay around town and just do a bunch of fun little things? Have you made a list or will you just wing it?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Henry Turns THREE

I am back from a much needed mini vacay with husband. It was long overdue considering we haven't been anywhere alone for fun since before I new I was pregnant with Henry. Now it is time to play catch up and I am gong to start with Henry's Birthday. It was a week and a half ago.

My BABY is THREE! He is very into Jake and the Neverland Pirates and has been asking for a "PINK JAKE COOKIE CAKE" for about a month. I opted for chocolate icing instead of pink, so he picked pink candles. We kept his birthday party very low key this year and just invited the family over for grilled burgers and chips. It was nice and relaxed. It was nice to just enjoy Henry on his special day and not have a ton of projects to finish up.

 I mentioned in a post last week that I got his birthday gift done just in time for his birthday. It was not a hard project, but I needed a nice day so that I could spray paint. I finally got a nice day 3 days before his birthday, and only his nap time to turn a faded second hand Cozy Coupe into a Batmobile. I saw one of these on Pinterest many months ago and knew that the next time I saw one posted for sale I was going to scoop it up and paint one for Henry. I used 2 cans of Krylon Fusion Paint in a black, satin finish and then had a friend make the Batman decals out of vinyl. The decals ended up being WAY too big, so I just traced the logo on the back of the vinyl, painted the front with some yellow acrylic paint that I had on hand (it was midnight the night before H's b-day), and then cut them out. I may do something else later on, but this was the quick fix I needed for the time being.

He was pretty excited, and I must say he looks pretty cool in this thing.