Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Tap, Tap, Is This Thing On?

It has been over TWO years since I have logged into this blog! It might have taken me a few hours to remember how to get into it.😅 

I started a YouTube channel several years ago with the intention of using it as an extension of my blog, but ended up ONLY posting on YouTube. I'm not even sure how that happened, but here we are.

I am still very active on my YouTube channel, but sometimes wish that I had another place to share other things like links, recipes, and POSSIBLY some other fun things in the near future. 😀

It will take me a little time to get things up and running around here, so please hang in there with me. I have some dead links to clean up, old YouTube videos linked that are no longer active, and I'm sure plenty of other things that need work that I haven't even thought of yet. 

If you are new here and have somehow stumbled across my little corner here, or maybe you have been here for a long time and didn't know what happened to me, here is a quick update. 

Carry Grace has been my little corner for many years. I'm a wife, mom of boys, and homeschool mom that enjoys sharing home related content. Sometimes that is home decor, home projects, cleaning routines, planners, recipes, and organizing. All things home!

Most of the adventures I have shared over the years took place in a small town in Alabama, but we relocated to a big city in Florida earlier this year. We are still adjusting, but things are going well. Our current home is a rental until we figure out where exactly we would like to live. There are so many different areas to the city that we now call home. I am working to make our rental house feel like home, but not painting or putting any holes in the wall. When we owned our own home I painted something or put a new hole in a wall to hang something just about every other day. I told you it has been an adjustment.

Until I figure out what exactly I will be sharing here, please follow me on Instagram and my YouTube Channel

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