Monday, August 17, 2015

Meal Plan #16

If you are here because you watched my grocery haul on YouTube and wanted to see the meals I planned based on the groceries I bought this weekend, welcome!

I am changing things up a bit. The plan is to post a grocery haul every Friday or Saturday on my YouTube channel and then you can come here on Monday and see how I used those groceries to create a weeks worth of meals. 

A few things you should know -1.We only sometimes eat what shows up on the plan for Saturday. I shop on Friday for Friday through Thursday, so sometimes by the time Saturday rolls around I change my mind or plans change. I still like to have a tentative plan. Most other nights we do eat what was planned. Example - On Meal Plan #15 I planned to eat Shrimp and Grits. If you watched the Grocery Haul video, I actually purchased stuff to make fish sandwiches and tator tots for dinner. Our plans changed, so I came up with a plan B. 2. My husband works for a guy that has a farm, so he brings home a lot of fresh fruit and veggies this time of year. This means that you may see produce on the meal plan that you don't see in a grocery haul.

Sunday Lunch - Sandwiches, Chips, and Pickles (using buns, lunch meat, pickles, and chips from haul)

Sunday Dinner - Takeout

Monday - Chicken Parmesan Spaghetti, roasted Japanese Eggplant (from pantry, freezer, and farm)

Tuesday - Roasted Chicken Legs, Rice & Gravy, Peas (broth for gravy and peas from haul, everything else is from freezer and pantry)

Wednesday - Beef and Bean Enchiladas, Tacos, Spanish Rice, and Chips & Salsa (Everything is from haul)

Thursday - Leftovers

Friday - Pizza

Saturday - Takeout

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  1. Good stuff! I love turkey, bacon and avocado sandwiches.


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