Monday, February 8, 2016

Meal Plan #26

We had an interesting week that didn't leave me with much time to meal plan and grocery shop. I decided to make a quick grocery trip late Friday night so that we wouldn't spend the weekend eating out. I got just enough groceries to last for one week instead of two. That's just how it goes sometimes. It also means that I didn't film a grocery haul.

- Pioneer Woman's Sloppy Joes, Baked Beans, and Chips
- Tacos and Chips/Salsa
- Chicken Pasta, Salad, and Garlic Bread
- Shrimp Boil (Henry's Birthday Dinner)

- Cheesy Chicken Bundles, Roasted Veggies, and Rice
- Leftovers
- Pizza

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  1. The shrimp boil sounds good! I always get groceries for 1 week and I should try and go every 2 weeks... it would save me SO much time and probably money, too!



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