Thursday, May 5, 2016

A Simple Painted Project - Back of Bookcase

I know what you are is this a simple painted project? I have a few tips to keep it simple, but first let me walk you though what you are looking at.

1. This is what this media cabinet/bookcases looked like when we got it.
2. I painted the main body of the bookcases white, and then painted the back a light blue.
3. We got new light blue couches, so the blue was too much blue. I added coral as a new accent color.(It was a TERRIBLE shade of coral.)
4. I was over the coral and painted the back yellow.

How I keep It Simple - I use those little sample size pots of paint from Lowes. They introduce new colors each season and it is an easy way to add a new, updated color. It takes 2 of those to paint this set of bookcases. I can also finish this in about an hour. - I don't paint behind the tv or dvr each time. They are painted a color that just blends into the tv so that it doesn't stand out. It would not be a simple project if I had to deal with that every time.
And then I changed it again! We ended up rearranging this room and do not use this as a media center anymore.

I got rid of the middle piece and added a desk. It makes the perfect little office set up. As you can see, I painted the backs another color.

It really is simple.

Want to take a peek at how my office area is organized? You can see it here on my YouTube Channel.


  1. Thanks for sharing this! We actually went to IKEA a few weeks ago to look at book shelves, storage to put around a TV that we plan to hang. I never even thought about painting the backs! It really does add some nice color! I had to laugh when I saw how many times you've changed the color, though! :) A true DIY'er!!!


  2. Yes, that paint is a simple way to add a little color. It's also easy to change when I change my mind.


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