Friday, July 8, 2016

ABFOL - Home Organization Challenge - Finally Complete

I decided to take on the A Bowl Full of Lemons - Home Organization Challenge at the beginning of this year. (You can see all of the details here.)

I started out nice and strong the first several weeks of the challenge, but it got harder to keep up the pace as the challenge went on. I had some rooms that I couldn't do in just one week and decided to keep working, but at my own pace.

I did a terrible job documenting all of the progress with pictures here on the blog, but I did keep up with videos.

This challenge was good for our home. We have new systems in place that are working well, and our home has been easier to maintain overall.

I created a list of all of the before and afters so that you can pick and choose which ones you would like to see.

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  1. Hmmm.. I didn't know about this challenge. I should keep an eye on it for next year.
    Thanks for sharing your experience!


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