Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Show and Tell Tuesday: Home Tour

Every other Tuesday, Andrea, from Momfessionals hosts Show and Tell Tuesday. Today is home tours.

I really wanted to take update pics yesterday for this, but I was in the middle of painting my kitchen and dining room. You know that means my whole house is completely trashed, right? These pics will have to do.

I'm going to start with my office/den because this the room you would enter if you are one of my friends! We only use the front to let the dog out or when we are hosting a party/shower and people come that we aren't really close to.

Our Den/My Office  - this room looks pretty much the same other than the gallery wall. I finally got around to finishing it. You can see some of the details from this room in this post.

Kitchen - This room is still one of my favorites. We didn't do a full blown remodel when we moved in, but it has had some nice upgrades for sure. This is one of the rooms I painted yesterday, so the walls are now a different color.

Dining Room - this is the room that has changed the most number of times since we moved in. Yesterday was the 4th time I have painted this room. It's a small room and easy to change. I guess that's why I have done it so much. I really have liked it each time.

The dark teal was my favorite version of this room. It was just so pretty! We homeschool in this room so I decided that the room would work better if it was lighter and brighter, so I painted it Palladian Blue by Benjamin Moore.

The lighter brighter feel was better for our school days, but I never really liked this color in here. It's one of those colors that changes from blue to green depending on the light and most of the day it looked mint green. It just didn't feel right. A new school year is right around the corner so I knew that if I was really going to paint this room it needed to happen before school started. The buffet and curtains are gone now, too. I haven't decided what to replace them with yet. You know I will post about it when I do.

Living Room - This room has changed many times as well. I finally feel like we got the layout right. I really liked the way the room used to look, but it didn't feel comfortable.


in-between phase

This layout is so much cozier for our family! There is now a gallery wall above the love seat, a new tv console, and a different mirror on the wall. I really need to take some updated pictures!

This is all I am going to share for now. We recently flipflopped all of the bedrooms, the playroom, and my husband's office. I am still trying to get them finished up.

I hope you enjoyed touring the common areas of our home! Thanks for stopping by.


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