Thursday, January 14, 2016

CarryGrace 52 Wk Photo Challenge Wk 2 (Linkup)

Welcome to week 2 of the 52 Week Photo Challenge. Pick up your camera and snap a pictures of one of your loved ones each week.

The other day I walked outside with my camera because the boys were outside playing. I am terrible at taking pictures of them when they aren't sitting perfectly still. Cade had picked up some sticks and was drumming on a pile of fire wood. That boy is always banging on something!

Link your pictures below.
-Please link directly to your blog post, not your blog's home page.
-Please leave a text link back to this post so that others can find it.
-Do not leave a link to a different linkup.

Don't have a blog? You can post your pictures on IG and use the hashtag #carrygrace52wkphotochallenge .

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