Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Simple Painted Project - Picture Frame Turned Chalkboard

This project will look new to a lot of you, but some of you that followed my old blog will recognize this chalkboard. When I started blogging here at Carry Grace earlier this year, I planned to move my posts over. It hasn't happened yet. I needed a little nudge.

One of my favorite YouTube friends Terri, from Homemaker on the Homefront, was looking through my archives and found this project. This was the nudge I needed to get my stuff moved! It won't happen all at once, but you will start to see them sprinkled in over the next few weeks.

I don't know when Terri is planning to post her project on her YouTube Channel, so go subscribe so that you don't miss it. I may have seen a little sneak peek. You really don't want to miss it.


Today we are going to talk chalkboards. I was intimidated by them for a little while, but they are so simple. I have made many different ones over the years. I have always used Krylon's Spray Chalkboard Paint for painting on glass, and have had great results with it each time.
image via Krylon

This frame started out like this. It was leftover from a friends yard sale a few years ago. The size and shape of the frame were perfect for a small, awkward wall in my kitchen. I simply removed the backing and the glass. I sprayed the chalkboard paint directly to the front of the glass. It took 3 coats to get the nice even coverage I was looking for.

I have moved things around and am no longer using this as a chalkboard, but when I did, I used it for seasonal chalkboard art.  Do you have any chalkboards in your home? Have you used the spray chalkboard paint?

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