Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Homeschool Series - Our Bag and Binder System

This week I am sharing how we organize our binders and bags. Since we don't have a dedicated school room, I wanted to have an easy way to transport our school from room to room.

At the beginning of each week I pull all of the worksheets that we will need and put them in binders.

Henry's binder is divided into sections by day of the week.

Cade has a separate binder for Math and Language. They are both divided into "this week's lessons", "rules to reference", and "loose leaf paper".  At the end of the week I pull all of the worksheets and file them. If the worksheet went over a new concept that we may need to reference, I just move it to that section of the binder. I have been using this system for years and it is still working really well for us.

We each have a bag to keep all of our current books and binders in. These particular bags are from Thirty-One Gifts. I have wire file boxes in each one to add some structure to the bags. This makes it easy for us to move everything we need for the day from the homeschool closet to the dining room for school. It's also nice to have everything together so that we can easily pack up and head to the park or the library if we want a change of scenery.

Do you want to get a peek into the bags and binders? Head over to my YouTube Channel. I will walk you through it all.

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