Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Homeschool Series - Homeschool Room Tour

We don't have a dedicated homeschool room. We could easily convert our extra living area or the playroom into one, but it hasn't felt like a necessary thing for us. I really like that at the end of the day, all of the school things are put away and out of sight.

 We did turn one of our closets into a dedicated homeschool closet. (I will be showing this later in the series.)

We each have a school bag (a thirty-one organizing utility tote with a wire file box from Target) that we bring to the table each day that contains all of the notebooks, books, and other supplies we need for the day. (I will be sharing more details about how we do this in a future post.)

 We have stored the most used art supplies in many different ways over the years, but one single caddy seems to work the best. I picked this one up from Target for $3 from the Dollar Spot.

Before the day is over you can barely see the top of the table, but it doesn't take long to clean up and put away when we are done.

We do Spelling, Language, Math, and Writing at the dining room table, but spread out to the living room and den when we are doing Bible, History and Science. It's just more cozy when we have a lot to read. Sometimes Henry and I will sit on the couch in the den to work on letters and phonics when Cade is working independently so that we don't disturb him. If we are being too loud, he'll take his stuff upstairs.

 I originally added the large chalk board with then intention of using it for school, but it is too messy. I still really like it, but only use it for seasonal decorating. I will eventually get it framed once I find a buffet that I like.

 I still wanted a place to be able to display things they are learning or memorizing, so I a turned 2 large frames into white boards. I cut a piece of poster board down to size and added it behind the glass. Now I can write their memory verses on the glass with a dry erase marker.

We don't entertain often, but when we do, it will be easy to change the front of these to say anything we want. We can display menus or whatever else seems to fit.

 Want to see more? You can see this room in action on my YouTube Channel.

 I hope you have enjoyed seeing our "Homeschool Room" Tour! Come back next week to tour our Homeschool Closet.

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